~ Name-Meghan Lynn Angrick
~ Age-15
~ School-North Syracuse Junior High
~ Grade-10
~ Favorite Animal-Narwhales

Pierce The Veil♥

My name is Meghan Lynn Angrick.
I'm currently 15 years old, and blow out my candles March 14th.

I love music.
My brain is like 90% song lyrics, so I will beat you in karaoke(;
Every type.
Rock, Rap, Screamo, R+B, Pop, and a little country.

I'm one of those girls that never really 'fit in'. I like to speak my mind, and do what I like to and not be afraid of people judging me.

My phone is like a lung to me.
It's always with me, and in my hand.
So send me a text.
I will reply

I also love to read.
Most people don't.
I love to read because books
1) Reading helps expand your vocabulary and 2) Reading give you something to do and 3) Reading can add a little mystery, romance or action to your life depending on the book.

Also my favorite color changes daily,
but my favorite kool-aid is blue.

My favorite number is 25. Why?
Because spongebob made a joke with it(; LOL. "What's funnier than 24?...25." XD

Property of Jordan Ryan Hollenbeck <3

Anyway, I love my friends.
They get me through anything and everything.
So to all them I would like to say

Bottom line I'm complicated, don't try to figure me out.
I'm very strange, and live life to the fullest.
I don't encourage others to follow in my footsteps.
My life is my life, it's not yours to live.
So don't walk behind me as I find my way through life, just choose your own path, even if you're too pathetic to do so.

I am awkwardly outgoing and love to be random.
I can act like a little kid at times but I know when to be serious.
I tend to be very cheerful and yes I will randomly text you, or if your lucky send you a call.
I love smiley faces(: I HATE how people throw around the word Love around... it has a meaning you know?

I'm a girl who is filled w/ huge insecurities about myself.
I always wake up in the middle of night; wondering why my dreams are so vivid.
Music is something I understand.

I have many talents, the world just hasn't seen them yet.
I don't play sports because I don't really have the time and devotion for it.

The only things I watch on tv are Jersey Shore, True Life etc.

I'm a smart girl, but don't have the looks that carry it.
I chew gum all the time....I always insult myself instead of complimenting.
I'm sorta unpredictable, tomorrow is something I always count on.

I'm always ready to be amazed.
I strut down the red carpet of 8th grade:]
People who mock me need to grow up before reality slaps them in the face.
Well that's about it(: Wanna know more?
Hit me up(:


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I want you this close to me


I want you this close to me

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